The address to send your shears to be sharpened is:

Buttercut Factory Honing Service
4700 Hall Road
Orlando, Fl 32817

What to include in your package:

  • Your return shipping address.
    • Commercial address preferred but not necessary
    • Please, no P.O. Box addresses, as we ship UPS
  • Name and daytime telephone number
  • Brief note identifying your shears (size, brand, markings, etc.).
    • Please write CLEARLY and LEGIBLY
  • Payment Information

Return Shipping Costs (per 1 lb packing weight)

  • UPS Ground $9.50
  • UPS 3rd Day $12
  • UPS 2nd Day $15
  • UPS 2nd Day am $20
  • UPS Next Day $30
  • UPS Next Day am $56
  • Canada Global Priority Mail $10
  • International Global Priority Mail $13

Cost of sharpening

  • $30 per pair
    • Price includes hollow-grinding, polishing, minor repairs, and bumper replacement as needed. Each pair is also set and tested by hand.

Payment Options

  • Check made payable to Buttercut Shears
  • Credit card (many people include thier number in their package)
  • Request that we call for payment when finished

Turn around time

  • About two weeks
  • International package about 3-4 weeks

Download the order form now.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Do you sharpen brands other than Geib/ Buttercut shears?
Yes we sharpen all brands of scissors.

How much does it cost to sharpen other brands?
We put the edge we believe will best suit the scissor while keeping in mind the varying factory edge. We do not look to put the most expensive edge on every shear, but the best suited for it. With this said, figuring out the cost over the phone can be difficult. If you are not sure what the brand of scissor will cost, please ask us to call with a total when finished.

How should I pack my shears?
Ideally, put your shears in whatever case they came in or wrap them in newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. Then put them in some package with extra filler if necessary.

How long will it take until I receive my sharpening?
Turn around time is generally two weeks. We need your shears for about 5-8 business days. Please also allow time for shipping which varies depending on destination. If this is too long, may we suggest purchasing backup shears.

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