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Sharpening Services

  • Trained in 14 Japanese factories
  • 30 years experience
  • We true your scissors to the best possible alignment and provide the finest edge still possible based on the condition of your scissors.



Sharpening Services We offer the most extensive selection of high-quality scissors for groomers in the world. We have a large selection catering to the needs of professionals, including cutting, thinning, texturizuring, swivel, and specialty shears.

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Sharpening ServicesOur Geib/Buttercut stainless steel and ceramic clipper blades are world-famous for outstanding performance and durability.Browse all

About the Owner

Owner, Edward Geib

Edward Geib

For many years, Ed Geib studied metallurgy and scissor design. He produced the first and perhaps the best ever high-quality dog grooming scissor. Thirty years of his effort has produced a very successful and sophisticated group of grooming tools that meet the needs of the beginner and advanced groomer world wide. Read more

Package Deals

Owner, Edward Geib

Over the years we have come to understand the various needs of groomers. These package deals have been customize to provide solutions to the needs we have seen. Whether a novice or expert, the package deal section is worth exploring.. Browse Package Deals