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Avanti Cobalt

Premium quality finishing shears; Narrow but strong blades; Best Japanese Cobalt Alley Steel; Comfortable designer handles, fit like a glove; Beautiful hama-guri shaped blades; Non fail Japanese click thumb screw adjuster; Tension-balancing spring

Avanti Comfort Plus

Features Nylon Rides for extra smooth operation. Coupled with Japan Cobalt Alloy Steel and sure cut clam shell edges to present a high-level grooming tool line at an exceptional value

Avanti Stainless

Avanti is a beautifully balanced and smooth cutter with handles to fit like a glove. Avanti combines high tech Japanese cobalt steel and exquisite convex edges to cut to a silky smooth look. Avanti is durable and precise to deliver that extra edge.

Blue Breeze Speed Cutter

100% handmade from forges steel; Ultra-quality Japanese Special Stainless Steel; Sub-zone ice; Double hollow grind; Very smooth, durable non-slip cut; Japanese ball bearing thumb screw adjuster; Beautiful hand finished detail; BL30 and BL48 celebrate...



100% handmade double hollow ground from hot-dropped forging using Swedish stainless steel; strong and durable; valued by groomers world-wide for 40 years.

Cheetah Thinners

Traditional German style thinners. Handmade quality and hand honed edges using high molybdenum steel or Japanese cobalt.

Cheetah Starlite

100% handmade; Hot drop forged – Japanese Special Stainless Steel; Double hollow grinds; Smooth, very durable nonslip cut; Narrow blade, light weight but strong; BL30 and BL48 forged Japanese special stainless steel (exceptionally durable); BL14, B...

Crab Level 1

Yellow Handle; Cutting Shears made from 440C Stainless Steel; All thinners are japanese coblat for all round use.

Crab Level 2

Very strong sure cut and exceptionally durable. Japanese high quality stainless and adjuster screw


Japanese style handles; Japanese stainless steel and special heat treatment; Unique blade shape with thin hand honed edge; Remarkably fine finish that rivals most expansive finishing scissors with amazing durability

Entree Blue Titan

Attractive rainbow color ionized finished; Even handles; Internal click adjuster with ball-bearing and tension balancing spring


Comfortable Japanese offset style; Reduces carpal tunnel tension; Thumb screw dial adjuster; Clam shell edge; Smooth, sure cut; Tension balance spring; Tension balancing spring; 16 models – Right and Lefties

Entree Gold

Features gold handles and thumb adjuster nice sure-cut and surprising durability for a low price


World famous for performance, reliability, and durability; 40 years successful work for beginners and professional; Cuts long strong; Stainless with ball-bearing pivot with tension balancing spring; 28+ models right and lefties

Gator Ball Tip

Features safety tips for safe, strong cutting and close trimming capability while avoiding skin injury

Gator Bent Shank

Allows to nestle the whole scissor blade parallel and close to the dog

Gator Bent Shank Ball Tip

Allows to nestle the whole scissor blade parallel and close to the dog; Features safety tips for safe, strong cutting and close trimming capability while avoiding skin injury

Gator Convex

Gator Gear

Inexpensive flip handle clam shell edged shear; Great for all around cut

Gator 008

Created in 2008 as light weight; All around grooming shear; Loved by all who use it; 7 models

Gator 88

Very strong and durable; 100% hand made from forged steel; Double hollow-grind; Double screw eliminates tensioning problems

Gator Trim N' Cut

Very popular light and easy to use. Black anodized finish and internal click adjuster

Katana Cobalt

Modern version of our original Katana Stainless line which dominated the market between 1985-2000 for quality Production Groomers as well as in the Competition Ring; Hollow grind; Best Japanese Cobalt Alloy Steel; Very strong and durable; BL30 and BL...

Katana Cobalt Narrow

Kiss Silver

Low-cost entry level shear. Feature choice three handles and with color. The performance and durability will surprise you.

Kiss Gold

440 C stainless, smooth, and strong. The performance and durability will surprise you!

Super Gator

Gator’s big brother on steroids; Comfortable handles with bent ring; Widely copied, never duplicated; Super quality stainless steel; Special heat treatment and sub-zero ice; Exceptionally superb special strong sharp durable edge design for sure cut...


Ultra-light, high level Japan Cobalt with nylon rides for extra smooth feel. Hand honed clam-shell edges

Slim J


World class quality materials and workmanship as well as very reasonable price make Yoshi a remarkable value. Yoshi feature narrow light blades utilizing a special shape technology


Power Cut

Show Finish



Gold Pearl

Finest Japanese Stainless Steel; Thin precision cut; Light weight; Steep curve to the blade great for Asian Fusion and precision work; Convex Edge; 3 Curved blander and chunkers; Tension balancing spring

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# 50 Ceramic Clipper Blade

Price $28.00

# 40 Ceramic Clipper Blade

Price $28.00

# 30 Ceramic Clipper Blade

Price $28.00

# 15 Ceramic Clipper Blade

Price $30.00

# 10 Ceramic Clipper Blade

Price $30.00
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