Avanti Cobalt

Premium quality finishing shears; Narrow but strong blades; Best Japanese Cobalt Alley Steel; Comfortable designer handles, fit like a glove; Beautiful hama-guri shaped blades; Non fail Japanese click thumb screw adjuster; Tension-balancing spring

Avanti Comfort Plus

Features Nylon Rides for extra smooth operation. Coupled with Japan Cobalt Alloy Steel and sure cut clam shell edges to present a high-level grooming tool line at an exceptional value

Avanti Stainless

Avanti is a beautifully balanced and smooth cutter with handles to fit like a glove. Avanti combines high tech Japanese cobalt steel and exquisite convex edges to cut to a silky smooth look. Avanti is durable and precise to deliver that extra edge.

Black Pearl

Favorite for perfect balance, lightness and strength; Handsome permanent, black-ionized finish creates pleasant contrast for light color coats; Smooth-sure cut; Hand honed very durable clam steel edge; Very comfortable handles; Tension-balancing spri...

Blue Breeze Speed Cutter

100% handmade from forges steel; Ultra-quality Japanese Special Stainless Steel; Sub-zone ice; Double hollow grind; Very smooth, durable non-slip cut; Japanese ball bearing thumb screw adjuster; Beautiful hand finished detail; BL30 and BL48 celebrate...



100% handmade double hollow ground from hot-dropped forging using Swedish stainless steel; strong and durable; valued by groomers world-wide for 40 years.

Cheetah Starlite

100% handmade; Hot drop forged – Japanese Special Stainless Steel; Double hollow grinds; Smooth, very durable nonslip cut; Narrow blade, light weight but strong; BL30 and BL48 forged Japanese special stainless steel (exceptionally durable); BL14, B...

Cheetah Thinners

Traditional German style thinners. Handmade quality and hand honed edges using high molybdenum steel or Japanese cobalt.


Crab Level 1

Yellow Handle; Cutting Shears made from 440C Stainless Steel; All thinners are japanese coblat for all round use.

Crab Level 2

Very strong sure cut and exceptionally durable. Japanese high quality stainless and adjuster screw


Japanese style handles; Japanese stainless steel and special heat treatment; Unique blade shape with thin hand honed edge; Remarkably fine finish that rivals most expansive finishing scissors with amazing durability

Crystal Gold

VG-10 Japan Cobalt; One of the most technologically advance shears on the market today; Designed for durability and smoothness; Features a Nylon Ride plus a ball bearing for the ultimate Buttercut experience; Has a complete line that includes 7.5, 8....


Comfortable Japanese offset style; Reduces carpal tunnel tension; Thumb screw dial adjuster; Clam shell edge; Smooth, sure cut; Tension balance spring; Tension balancing spring; 16 models – Right and Lefties

Entree Blue Titan

Attractive rainbow color ionized finished; Even handles; Internal click adjuster with ball-bearing and tension balancing spring

Entree Gold

Features gold handles and thumb adjuster nice sure-cut and surprising durability for a low price


World famous for performance, reliability, and durability; 40 years successful work for beginners and professional; Cuts long strong; Stainless with ball-bearing pivot with tension balancing spring; 28+ models right and lefties

Gator 008

Created in 2008 as light weight; All around grooming shear; Loved by all who use it; 7 models

Gator 88

Very strong and durable; 100% hand made from forged steel; Double hollow-grind; Double screw eliminates tensioning problems

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